Erman Sarah

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Sarah Erman is an Inspire Fellow and PhD student at Paris Diderot and KU Leuven, under supervision of Koen Vermeir (Paris 7), Kaat Wils (KU Leuven) and Elizabeth Claire (EHESS). After her masters in Environmental History at the University of St. Andrews (2012), she worked as a part-time researcher at the Pôle de l’Histoire environnementale de l’Université de Namur (PolleN) on a variety of projects (2013-2016).

Her research now focuses on social and cultural history of science. Her PhD project on women botanists and plant biologists (1875-1940) looks at the connection between the places where research is performed (the university laboratory, the field station, the botanical garden, etc.), the relation between men and women researchers working in these venues and the type of knowledge that is produced there

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